Nugnes 1920

Strongly rooted in its place of birth, Puglia, the story of Nugnes is the evolution of a business idea that was born in tailoring and evolved over the decades into an international reference point in the world of fashion and luxury retail. Always preserving the first and absolute mission: to create a special relationship with each customer, celebrating their uniqueness.
The ambitious project, developed jointly through the collaboration of Giuseppe Nugnes and Studio Dini Cataldi, is designed with the aim of creating a sort of cozy living room that unites the three Nugnes satellites: the bespoke lounge, the minimal globetrotter area and women's fashion on the main floor. A large house, a meeting place for the community, where the unique personality of 250 international brands is enhanced and interpreted through the unmistakable filter of Nugnes.


Upstairs a series of lounges unfolds, creating intimate spaces with different personalities, furnished with vintage sofas or specially designed for the store.


The space of the bespoke universe is conceived as an intimate reinterpretation of a gentlemen's club, where rich and burnished colors and nuances blend.


The wing of the contemporary man recalls a minimal and rarefied atmosphere that tells a story of men's fashion aimed at contemporary globetrotters.

Pics by Paola Pansini